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About Us

NutriPlus Animal Solutions, LLC was established in early 2019 as a re-brand of Nutri-Tech Quality Feeds.  For over 30 years, Nutri-Tech has been a local, nutritional brand which has complemented the feed toll milling services offered through Zimmerman Feed and Grain of Forrest, IL.  Today, NutriPlus offers independent, cutting-edge nutritional solutions to swine and poultry producers across the Midwest. 

Luke Zimmerman


Luke's interest in animal nutrition began with his family's feed mill as a young teenager.  Over the past 5 years, he has built an extensive network working with some of the nation's leading nutritionist and livestock production systems.  Luke holds a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Illinois and is currently completing his Master's in Animal Nutrition.  He is practical and hands-on with a passion for helping producers improve their bottom line.  Luke thoroughly enjoys the challenges that the food animal production industry brings and looks forward to continuing to grow his network while providing swine and poultry producers with innovative nutritional solutions to improve the profitability of their operations.

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